TAX Program

Diploma in Cambodian Tax

The Diploma in Cambodian Tax is accredited by the global accounting body the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) and the National Accounting Council (NAC). Diploma holders are awarded an exemption from ACCA exam F6.

This syllabus and the corresponding pilot paper were originally prepared by the academic team Business School in cooperation with the National Accounting Council. This study guide and pilot paper by H.E. Ngy Tayi, Chairman of the National Accounting Council to members of the Kampuchea Institute of Public Accountants and Auditors whose feedback has been duly considered and incorporated into this syllabus. Furthermore, in 2011, KPMG conducted an independent review of the syllabus, stating:

We have reviewed the Cambodian tax syllabus prepared by CamEd, and we are of the opinion, overall, the said syllabus covers all the current tax legislations, and is appropriate for the assessment of the tax knowledge of Cambodian CPAs.

Registration Requirement

A graduated or equivalent is required in order to register in the Diploma in Cambodian Tax. Applications should apply online at and they will be invited to enroll for class.


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Method of Study

Full-term courses commence in January (for June exams) and July (for December exams) each year. Class will be conducted in the evening or the weekend. And, the following are links to the syllabus (Khmer & English version), pilot exam and answer.

Class         Syllabus Topic


Cambodian Tax System

  • Function and Purpose of taxation
  • GDT Structure
  • Different types of Taxes
  • Tax regime and classification of taxpayers
  • Principle sources of tax law
  • System & hierarchy of registration
  • Tax avoidance & Tax evasion


Tax on Salary

  • The scope of tax
  • Income subject to tax on salary
  • Introduction to basic computation of salary tax


Tax on Salary

  • Comprehensive computation of tax on salary
  • Allowance, fringe benefits, reimbursements
  • Conditions and computation of foreign tax credit
  • Tax planning for tax on salary


Withholding Tax

  • Overview of withholding tax collection and payments
  • Types of relevant income/payments.
  • Introduction to withholding calculations


Withholding Tax

  • Review of withholding tax overview
  • Introduction to common withholding tax issues
  • Practice of withholding calculations



  • Scope of VAT
  • Time and place supply rules
  • Accepted methods of VAT Calculation



  • VAT for real estate, free goods, international transport
  • Valuation of supplies and imports



  • VAT carried forward, refunds
  • Practice of VAT calculation


VAT (extra class)

  • Review of VAT
  • Case Study Practice of VAT


Tax on Income 1

  • Scope of tax on profit
  • Residency, real regime, estimated regime
  • QIP implication
  • Basis of assessment of tax on profit


Tax on Income 2

  • Computations for turnover, deductible expenses, other income, depreciation and amortization


Tax on Income 3

  • Taxation for leases
  • Taxation on the transfer of buildings


Tax on Income 4

  • Taxation of dividends and transfer of shares
  • Capital vs. debt financing implications


Tax on Income 5

  • Carry forward of losses
  • Comprehensive computation of annual tax


Tax on Income 6

  • Use of exemptions and relief to minimize and defer tax
  • Overseas aspects of tax on profit:
  • Foreign branches, dividends, income


Other Tax

  • Prepayment of Profit tax
  • Public lighting tax
  • Specific tax


Other Tax

  • Accommodation tax
  • Property tax


Obligation of Taxpayers

  • System of tax payment and dates
  • Procedures for appeals and disputes
  • Penalties and enforcement


Tax Planning

  • The aspects of Cambodian taxation
  • The differences between Tax Avoidance & Tax Evasion
  • Tax Planning for production company
  • Tax Planning for fund structure


Issues on the interpretation of Tax Law and Regulations, Disputes and Resolutions

  • Issues on the interpretation of Tax Law and Regulations, Disputes and Resolutions regarding tax on profit, tax on salary, withholding taxes, and documentation
  • Common causes and proceedings of tax audits



  • Review of Final Mock Examination
  • Release of Final Mock Exam Result


Extra Class

  • How to fill in Tax form


Pilot exam

Mock Exam

Final Exam


  • Exam benchmarked to international ACCA F6 Examinations:
  • Knowledge of breadth of tax regulations for a CPA/ACCA
  • 3 hours exam
  • Exam questions can be from any areas of the syllabus
  • 100 marks

Security and Marking

  • Exam preparation independent from lecturer
  • One single exam session and location for all candidates
  • Passport or national ID required
  • All exams recorded on Video