CamEd is an accredited institute of higher education based in Phnom Penh, the capital city of Cambodia. CamEd specializes in teaching accounting and finance and holds gold quality recognition from the international, UK based Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA).

Our Vision


The vision of CamEd Business School is to develop a community of accounting and finance professionals performing on par with those in international financial centers, taking initiative as leaders, and upholding ethical standards.

Our Mission


The mission of CamEd is to provide higher education with a focus on accounting and finance, leading to qualifications of international quality and recognition.


Our Educational Philosophy


Employable Skills

CamEd follows the principles of outcomes based education to help students achieve learning outcomes that are aligned with the current and future needs of employers and the economy.


Lifelong Learning

CamEd develops students to be lifelong learners to support their personal development, active citizenship, and continued employability.


High Quality Teaching

CamEd believes high quality teaching is critical to students’ education. CamEd strives to maintain high performing and diverse academic staff, disseminating best practice in their respective fields.


Engagement and Respect

CamEd seeks the views and feedback of students, staff, and stakeholders, respecting their perspectives as valid and meaningful. CamEd works to cultivate a respectful, liberal, encouraging environment conducive to self-discovery, freedom of thought, innovation, and constructive debate. Team spirit is cultivated to achieve targeted outcomes.


IT Fluency and Adaptability

CamEd aims to provide IT enriched approaches to teaching and learning in order to enhance learning and inculcate the ability to adapt to and exploit changes in technology.



CamEd believes that personal, financial, and economic successes arise by acting with integrity, behaving ethically and creating shared value. CamEd builds ethical standards and behavior in its students and employees through study, community activities, and School practices.



After the end of the Cambodian civil war in 1998, there was urgent need to build business skills to develop the Cambodian economy. CamEd was established soon after in the year 2000 as a professional training organization for international companies and organizations. In 2003 CamEd began teaching for the international ACCA accounting qualifications. This coincided with the passage of a new law on accounting that was issued in the year 2003 which required professional licensure for accounting and auditing services. In 2010, CamEd was accredited as an institute of higher education with degree granting powers. In the same year, CamEd received a gold quality rating, the highest level of quality approval from the international ACCA. CamEd remains the only institute or university in Cambodia with quality recognition from the ACCA.

Within the higher education regulatory framework of Cambodia, CamEd is an “institute”. In Cambodia, regulations require “universities” to offer degrees in a broad range of subjects and majors across multiple colleges or faculties. In contrast, “institutes” are allowed to offer degrees of higher education in a more narrow range of subjects. CamEd is an institute which specializes in teaching accounting and finance.

Based in Phnom Penh, CamEd is Cambodia’s leading institute of higher education in the fields of accounting and finance. More than 50% of the annual recruits of the big four audit firms in Cambodia (PwC, Deloitte, KPMG, and EY) are students or graduates of CamEd.


Providing higher education with a focus on accounting and finance, leading to qualifications of international quality and recognition, CamEd has continuously enhanced its quality to be on par with regional and international standards. Recently, CamEd has been certified by the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA). Today, CamEd has achieved another milestone -- It is awarded ISO 9001:2015 Certification of the Quality Management System by Guardian Independent Certification, Ltd., which is registered in England. Certificate No. 704510 and its validity can be verified from the following website


ASEAN UNIVERSITY NETWORK certifies that Bachelor of Accounting and Finance of CamEd Business School has been assessed and found to be in accordance with the requirement of standard details of the ASEAN UNIVERSITY NETWORK QUALITY ASSURANCE STANDARD.


Certificate of Participation
CamEd Business School for participation of its Bachelor of Accounting and Finances(Honours) program in the CFA Institute University Affiliation Program.


Approved Learning Partner
This is to certify that CamEd has been awarded Gold Approval under the Approved Learning Partner programme in recognition of the quality of learning provision and support for ACCA students.


Accreditation Committee Of Cambodia Awards Full Accreditation To CamEd Institute
for fulfilling the requirement of the National Standards for 5 Years which will be valid from 2019 to 2023

Organizational Chart


Strategic Plan and Action Plans


Office of the President

Casey Barnett


[email protected]ext:100

Office of the Senior Vice President

Sam Sokuntheary

Senior Vice President

[email protected] ext:126

IT Department

Oeung Phengly

IT and Registrar Manager

[email protected]ext:169

Mell Radipaul

IT Supervisor

[email protected]ext:167

Bunchhom Ratanak

Registrar Assistant Supervisor

[email protected]ext:166

Sorn Borin

Programmer Assistant Supervisor

[email protected]ext:169

Nov Solin

Senior IT Technician Officer

[email protected]ext:167

Phally Visal

Senior Registrar Officer

[email protected]ext:166

Phon Pheara

Senior IT Programmer Officer

[email protected]ext:169

Pho Soravuth

Registrar Officer

[email protected]ext:166

Finance Department

Keat Marath

Chief Finance Officer

[email protected]ext:116

Chan Sokleakena

Finance Manager

[email protected]ext:117

Khut Sophanna

Assistant Finance Manager

[email protected]ext:136

Heng Sopanha

Senior Cashier and Stock Controller

[email protected]ext:113

Phalla Thida

Senior Receivable Accountant

[email protected]ext:114

Bou Chansonita

Senior Receivable Accountant

[email protected]ext:114

Sokun Socheata

Procurement officer

[email protected]ext:119

Sorn Tithynika

Payable Accountant

[email protected]ext:115

Prum Sothida


[email protected]ext:111/112

LSC Department

Yem Bunthorn

LSC Manager

[email protected]ext:131

Choeun Narin

LSC Assistant Supervisor

[email protected]ext:130

Nop Sonon

LSC Supervisor

[email protected]ext:130

Khin Kanika

Senior Economics Officer

[email protected]ext:130

An Sita

Senior English Officer

[email protected]ext:130

Chan Somaniza

Senior LSC Officer

[email protected]ext:130

Phorn Lyhong

Senior LSC Officer

[email protected]ext:130

Chhay Meng

LSC Officer

[email protected]ext:110

Long Phalin

LSC Officer

[email protected]ext:110

Chhiv Sokunneath

LSC Officer

[email protected]ext:110

Pich Chanthea

LSC Officer

[email protected]ext:110

Chhut Bunna

Senior LSC Officer

[email protected]ext:130

Admissions Department

Eang Rithychanras

Admission Assistant Supervisor

[email protected]ext:129

Hou Naroth

Senior Admissions Representative

[email protected]ext:135

Van Pichata

Senior Admission Representatve

[email protected]ext:101

Samoeun Maryna

Senior Admission Representative

[email protected]ext:102

Nuon Piseth

Senior Admissions Representative

[email protected]ext:103

Phoeun Sreynoch

Senior Admission Representative

[email protected]ext:121

Reth Kimty

Admissions Representative Officer

[email protected]ext:103

Hok Leakhena

ACCA and MOEYS Assistant Supervisor

[email protected]ext:120

Reach Saysobora

Designer Assistant Supervisor

[email protected]ext:131

Hann Chhaly

Media Officer

[email protected]ext:181

Library Department

Huy Roseka

Library Supervisor

[email protected]ext:140

Srun Socheat

Senior Librarian

[email protected]ext:140

Chheav Mouyhong


[email protected]ext:140

Dy Sophearak


[email protected]ext:140

Human Resource Department

Vaung Sea

Assistant HR Manager

[email protected]ext:127

Nget Savet

Senior HR Officer

[email protected]ext:128

Bon Sreykhouch



Student Life Department

Soeun Chansy

Senior Student Life Officer

[email protected]ext:129

Career Services and Student Advising Department

Chea Socheata

CSSA Manager

[email protected]ext:138

Pov Sopha

CSSA Assistant Supervisor

[email protected]ext:157

Ork Sokuntheary

CSSA Officer

[email protected]ext:160

Nuon Renborey

CSSA Assistant

[email protected]ext:160

Internal Quality Assurance and Internal Audit Department

Sok Uttra

Vice President for IQA-IA

[email protected]ext:300

Chan Tola

IQA Manager

[email protected]ext:107

Mean Udam

Internal Audit Manager

[email protected]ext:200

Facilities Department

Yin Vannet

Assistant Engineering Supervisor

Nheab Kongkea

Maintainance Technician

Security Office

Chea Bunthoeurn

Security Supervisor

Nguon Makara

Security Guard

Lors Srung

Security Guard

Horng Ratha

Security Guard

Ou Methona

Security Guard

Sang Seyla

Security Guard

Kaing Oeurng

Security Guard

Office of Custodial Services

Sok Sovann

Cleaner Supervisor

Neou Sophal


Nhek Sum


Phin Rath


Yoem Sitha


Ou Phalla


Toem Chamnab


Chhoeurn Sopheap


Run Bunthoeurn


Mak Mao


Hieng Soklim


Sorm Sophanna


Phon Sina