July - December 2016
Prum Virak, PhD
Subordination in Employment Relationship
This article seeks to highlight the various meanings of subordination in the employer-employee relationship. It does so by looking at the moral, legal, and jurisprudential basis. The latest ruling handed down by the Arbitration Council seems to have followed a certain pattern which would likely become a reliable source for statutory interpretation. Placing the subordination matter in a comparative context, the article concludes that there is space for more theoretical applications...read more
January - June 2016
Journal of Accounting  (download)
Journal of Humanities  (download)
Dr. Parmindar Singh
Firm level cultural analysis

The paper aims to analyse organizational culture using Johnson, Scholes and Whittington’s Cultural Web. The paper also aims to analyse the usage of Cultural Web in understanding how firms can change their culture as well as how culture can affect chosen strategies...read more

Prum Virak, PhD
A Note on Constitutional Principle: Same Work, Same Wage?
This short article seeks to highlight the same work same wage principle enshrined in the Cambodian Constitution. It begins with a brief introduction on the meaning of the Constitution itself, followed by several approaches often used in statutory interpretation. Since an agreed definition of what constitutes same work still seems lacking in Cambodian system, the article relies on a comparative view to shed light on some directions this constitutional principle might take in the future...read more
Ho Varabott, MA, CEFA
Research on Valuation of Banks in Cambodia
According to the official statistic data by June of 2015 of National Institute of Statistic of Cambodia, Cambodia is expected to have an economic growth 6.9% in 2015 lower than expectation, however, with average GDP growth rates predicted by the IMF at 6.2-7.7% per year for the next three years, Cambodia would be the 2nd fastest growing economy in the region behind only Laos...read more
Dr. Juliet Cadungog-Uy
Development of Accounting Practices in Cambodia
Most historical records show that Cambodia had taken its economic management system from the French during its colonial period and still continued to follow the same system even after gaining independence in 1953...read more
Ky Sereyvath, PhD in Economics
Regional Economic Integration of the Great Mekong Sub-Region Perspectives and Risks
According to the Asian Development Bank (ADB), the Greater Mekong Sub-region (GMS) Program is a program initiated in 1992 by Cambodia, the People’s Republic of China (PRC, specifically Yunnan Province and Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region), the Laos People’s Democratic Republic (Laos), Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam...read more
Samuel A. Whitley, BBA
Advantages and Disadvantages of Formative and Summative Assessments for Students and Teachers
Every classroom, just like Cambodia, is full of wonder. Teachers wonder if their students are learning what they are teaching, students wonder if what is being taught will be on the test, and if what they are supposed to learn will ever really matter in their lives...read more
Kathryn Ogden, TESOL
The Intelligibility of Intelligibility
One student, who had been educated at a Turkish Islamic school in Phnom Penh, stated that communicating in English with others within Cambodia was very difficult for him during his primary and high school years because he was taught English by only Turkish teachers who were non-native English speakers...read more

Srun Hour
Relationship between Color Code Personality and Depression of Freshman Students at Royal University of Phnom Penh
There are 1,009 students interviewed for the study. Among these students, 50.7% are females, 21.1% receive scholarship, 84,8% are from intact families, 94.5% report to have at least the average level of religiosity, and 19.7% are from poor families, In addition, 93.3% are not Phnom Penh native-born...read more