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Bachelor of Accounting and Finance Fee

The fees are discounted, assuming students study a full course load each term.

Foundation Year
First Term CoursesFeesSecond Term CoursesFees
English 1: Introduction to Essay Writing $209.00 English 2: Essay Writing and English Literature $209.00
Statistics $209.00 Quantitative Methods for Business $209.00
Leadership Philosophy $209.00 Psychology $209.00
Political Science: The Cold War and Asia $209.00 History: Colonianlism and Trade Empires in Asia $209.00
Cambodian Studies $209.00 Computer Science $209.00
Class Materials $155.00 Marketing $209.00
BA Registration fee $50.00 Class Materials $186.00
Activities fee $199.00    
  $1,449.00   $1,440.00
Second Year
First Term CoursesFeesSecond Term CoursesFees
CAT registration fee $142.00 Maintaining Financial Records FA2 $316.00
Annual subscription fee $157.00 Managing Costs and Finances MA2 $316.00
Recording Financial Transactions FA1 $316.00 Micro economics $316.00
Management Information MA1 $316.00 FA2 exam fee $102.00
Macro economics $316.00 MA2 exam fee $102.00
FA1 exam fee $102.00 Class Materials $81.00
MA1 exam fee $102.00    
Class Materials $81.00    
  $1,532.00   $1,233.00
Third Year
First Term CoursesFeesSecond Term CoursesFees
Annual subscription fee $157.00 Accountant in Business FAB $316.00
Financial Accounting FFA $316.00 Managing Finances FFM $316.00
Management Accounting FMA $316.00 Cambodian Business Law $316.00
Accounting Information Systems $316.00 FAB exam fee $136.00
FFA exam fee $136.00 FFM exam fee $132.00
FMA exam fee $136.00 CBL exam fee $84.00
Class Materials $81.00 Class Materials $84.00
  $1,458.00   $1,384.00
Fourth Year
First Term CoursesFeesSecond Term CoursesFees
Annual subscription fee $157.00 Financial Management (ACCA F9) $316.00
Theory and Practice of Audit (FAU) $316.00 International Financial Reporting (ACCA F7) $316.00
International Business Environment $316.00 Business Ethics and Governance $316.00
Principles of Cambodian Tax $316.00 Class Materials $98.00
FAU exam fee $132.00    
C. Tax exam fee $84.00    
Class Materials $67.00    
  $1,388.00   $1,046.00
Free of Charge                                                                                                                                              ACCA Fees
Mock exams     For the international CAT and ACCA exam, the following fee are required:
7-day a week library use        Initial registration fees   £79
Career services support   Annual fee subscription fees   £83
7-day a week internet use   CBE exam fees for FA1, MA1, FA2, MA2   £54/ subject
Revision course at 70% of the tuition fee of the full-time course CBE exam fees for FAB, FMA, FFA   £72/ subject
  PBE exam fees for FAU, FTX, FFM   £76/ subject
* C.Tax & CBL exam fees are for BA students only   *ACCA fees are subject to change